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Friday, April 27, 2012

Frugal Friday!

So, today is Frugal Friday!  There's so much to talk about concerning living happily within ones means that I'm going to use Fridays to focus on the topic (besides, the title is catchy!)

Living frugally isn't about deprivation.  It's about making the most of the resources you have.  It's about spending wisely.  It's about creativity.  It's about choices.  It's all about attitude.

I know a young woman who is amazing!  By many standards, she and her husband live on a modest salary yet because they are both very thrifty and careful with their spending, they were able to buy a nice home, drive newer cars which are paid for, are able to take an occasional trip, have no debt and even have money in a savings account.  They are my heroes!

Another young woman I know has more than twice the money available to work with and is struggling in debt.  She and her husband both work to support their more lavish lifestyle but neither seem very happy.  They are constantly worrying about money and complaining about how hard it is to make ends meet.  Choices, my friend, choices...

In today's economy, it's more important than ever that we take control of our money and our situation and make them work for us.  Some things we have no control over but many things we do and the number one thing we have control over is our own attitude.  We'll start with that!


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