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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Do you ever want to be more organized?  Do you wish maintaining your home were easier?  Are you tired of the mounds of possessions taking over?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, it's time to de-clutter your life!

It's so easy to acquire possessions.  We go shopping and see a great deal on something we like.  We see a yard sale and stop by just for a look.  Catalogs arrive in the mail with wonderful things we didn't know we couldn't do without.  Friends give us their cast-offs.  Special occasions require gift giving.  But, if it's so easy to bring things INTO our homes, why is it so hard for things to LEAVE our house?  Keep in mind that interests change, fashion changes, children's stages change...we don't need to hold onto things that no longer apply to our current life.  If we don't occasionally get rid of things, we will eventually run out of space to put all the stuff we DO use.

So, the first step in creating order in your home and life is weeding out the things you no longer need, use or want.  You can start small and devote 30 minutes a day (the length of a basic TV sit-com episode) to tackle a few drawers at a time or go all out and spend a week-long marathon of de-cluttering.   You can focus on one room at a time.  Whatever works for you and your schedule.  Just do something!  It feels so good!


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