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Monday, April 9, 2012


Would you like some?  Yes, thank you!
Whatever happened to manners?  It's a rare (but welcome) sight to see children who use "please" and "thank you" and other expressions of respect towards adults and other children.  We might consider letting our children know that being polite will bring much more satisfying results than being demanding.  It isn't something that they know instinctively, we have to teach them, remind them constantly, and set a good example for them. This applies also to things like table manners and manners in public.  Our children aren't little animals.  They are capable of learning how to act but we have to teach them.  Please work with your children!  Thank you!


  1. Oh puhleez! No, actually, thank YOU. So often I would find some of my college students simply did not know the behavior that was expected of them in a college environment. Maybe in high school, as seniors, they got used to be able to arrive late or leave early after the AP tests were done for the year. Doing the same thing in college disrupts everyone else's learning and teaching. Interrupting while another student or the professor is speaking is pointless but also rude. Playing solitaire or other games on your cell phone while in class or office hours is a waste of time and opportunity, and also rude. When these things happened, I would wonder if anyone had told my students in their younger days how to respect and be respected.

  2. I could say that in the olden days, WE didn't do that sort of thing but then again, we didn't have cell phones or iPads, or computers to distract us :) How DID we survive?