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Thursday, April 12, 2012

We make a difference!

Every so often someone in the news will make a comment that discounts the role of mothers in society.  Not wanting to turn this into a political post, I won't go into the details that prompted this entry but I do want to comment on it.

If you have chosen motherhood as your profession, life work and career, you made an often thankless, exhausting but utterly fulfilling and rewarding choice.  Your opinions and comments may be brushed off as unimportant.  You may be ignored by those who have chosen a different path.  You may wonder when YOU get to have a vacation or retire.  None of these matter in the long run.  Your decision to raise and nurture the next generation has far greater impact on society than almost anything else.  A strong and stable family is likely to raise well adjusted, successful children regardless of income size.

Rather than focusing on who has the hardest job, I think mothers should work together to support and encourage each other.  We don't have to feel like we are alone in our struggles and challenges.  We can learn from one another and gain strength from each other.

There may be people who think of us as irrelevant, but to our children, we are the most important person in the world.  And, we DO make a our families, our schools and community, our society and the world.


  1. What a lovely photo! And I think you are right - the world is a better place because of the unmeasured and unmeasurable work of conscientious parenting and homemaking.

  2. Thank you...I was feeling a little under-appreciated yesterday :)

  3. If you ever feel under-appreciated, give me a little hint and I will send a wave of appreciation your way! :)

  4. The same goes for you too Jeanne!