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Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't expect what you don't inspect

  Messy room?  What messy room?
A long time ago I heard a saying that really made sense.  It says "Don't expect what you don't inspect."  Think how this relates to child rearing.  It's so easy to say "Go clean your room" or "Go do your chores" and then promptly get busy doing something else and forget all about it.  That's exactly what your child is hoping you'll do...forget about it.  So she does a very half hearted attempt or does nothing at all and then goes off to play with friends or leaves for school.  Later, you walk by her room and notice that her room is a mess and/or her chores aren't done at all.  You roll your eyes and clean her room or do her chores for her.  Your daughter (or son) won another round in the Chore Wars game.

It really isn't hard to check the work your child has been asked to do.  If it's not completed, simply stating that the job isn't done yet and sending her back to finish up will send a strong message that Mom cares about her finishing the work and has the expectation that it WILL get done.

Oh and don't forget to give her some praise when she has completed the job she's been asked to do when it is done to your satisfaction.  


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