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Friday, August 10, 2012

True Love!

It all started with a blind date, set up by her sister and sister's future husband.  And today, a perfectly beautiful summer day, they were married, surrounded by family and friends.  It's days like this that make being a mother all worthwhile.  Seven of my eight children are now married to their sweethearts.  And I am feeling truly blessed. 

All five of my daughters! 


  1. Yesterday was a perfect day! <3

  2. Hey, when did KP get married? Did I miss something?

    1. Oh, I see where the problem was...the caption of your second picture "All 5 of my daughters" came at the end of the summary of your post where you said that 7 of your 8 children were married to their it came across as "...7 of my 8 children are now married to their sweethearts. All 5 of my daughters." My mistake...

    2. No problem David. I was just wondering if you knew something I didn't :)