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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dress little girls like little girls

I realized something odd today.  A while ago I wrote a post about how mom's shouldn't try to dress like their teenage daughters.  Today I noticed that some mom's try to dress their little girls like teenagers too, and not particularly modest ones either.  The teenage years will come soon enough!  What is so wrong about dressing little girls like little girls? 

As a mom, you have great control over the clothes your young children wear.  You pick them out, you pay for them, and often, you help your little girl get dressed each day.  How your daughter looks each day is a reflection of you and your values.  Comfort and appropriateness for the occasion are important considerations and it's possible to buy clothes that are current yet meet your standards and her desire to fit in. 

If you want your daughters to value modesty, you are going to have to teach them when they are young.  That is when they are forming habits and developing their own personal style.  Make sure that the example you set and the messages you send are consistent with those values. 

Little girls are also extremely active!  Please have her wear shorts, tights or leggings under her dresses!!!


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