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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Redefine enjoyment

Society seems to think that to have an enjoyable time, we must spend money...and the more money spent, the better the activity.  Well, what do we have activities for?  Is it to spend time with loved ones?  Is it to learn something new?  Is it to discover new places?  If so, money shouldn't be the standard we measure happiness with.  It is very possible to have an enjoyable time without spending a lot of money.  And sometimes, we have a better time because we aren't worrying about getting our money's worth of fun or worrying about how much money we're spending.

Instead of feeling bad because you can't take your family on a dream cruise or a vacation to an exotic location, be happy because you are together.  Find joy in the experience of discovering the world around you.  Memories are made wherever you are...your family will remember the fun times regardless of the simpleness or extravagance of the experience.