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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - Our cars

I call my husband's Subaru his mobile landfill.  :)  He seems oblivious to its condition and I pretend that I don't know who's car it belongs to.

Our cars aren't designed to permanent receptacles of all our earthly possessions.  They aren't restaurants on wheels.  Their function is to get us from here to there safely and efficiently.  When you fill your cars with extra stuff, you put yourself and your passengers in danger.  In the event you have to stop quickly, those books, toys, and who knows what else, become projectiles in the interior of the car, flying and striking anything that comes in their path.  Or, if there's stuff under your feet while you drive, that stuff can interfere with the brake pedal or accelerator.  You don't think anything like that can happen, but most people who are in accidents didn't think that anything could happen to them either.

Most cars have rear trunks or cargo compartments.  Their purpose is to hold all that loose stuff.  If you have more stuff than your trunk can hold, you might want to seriously consider cleaning it out. Keep the spare tire, the jack, the emergency kit and maybe a blanket and clear out the rest.  Now you have room for your groceries, your stroller or other baby gear, your sports equipment or anything else and you are protecting your most important cargo, your family.


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