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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - Efficient vs effective

We all want our homes to run smoothly so we declutter, plan and organize all our possessions, trying to make things as efficient as possible.  Even then, sometimes it just doesn't seem to be working.  Maybe instead of focusing on being efficient, we should concentrate on organizing things so they are effective.  Things that are used frequently should have prime space in cupboards and cabinets.  Less often used things can find homes somewhere else.  My cookie cutters and cake making equipment doesn't need to take up space in the kitchen.  They can go into the pantry until I need them.  Same with craft supplies.  They're not part of my everyday activities so I store them in the garage.

Think about something you have a hard time putting away.  Why is it difficult?  Maybe you have a linen closet but you like storing sheets in the bedroom closet where they are used.  A linen closet doesn't have to be for linens.  We don't need to be bound by anyone's rules except our own.  Keep the sheets in the bedroom and use the linen closet for something else.

I used to keep my budget files in a file cabinet in a bedroom but I had such a hard time putting papers away regularly.  My system was efficient but not effective.  When I rearranged my kitchen and installed an undercounter file cabinet in place of a regular kitchen cabinet, it became easy to use the files.  It might seem odd to have my files there but it works for me.  How about you?  Can you look for ways to be more effective in organizing your home?  It's your house.  Make it work for you!


  1. Love your new design! I appreciate your daily nuggets and continually direct others to your blog. Keep up the good work. Ever think about getting published?

  2. Thank you Judy! Your words of encouragement are so appreciated!