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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mother's intuition

All mothers have it to some degree or another.  Whether you call it instinct, intuition, inspiration or that still small voice, most of us feel it when we sense something is not right within our families.  A few instances stick out in my memory that have reinforced my inclination to listen to that feeling when it comes.

When my second child was about four months old, I put him down for his nap as usual.  His crib was positioned directly under a window, which was hung with mini blinds.  I went into the living room to tend to other things when I got the distinct impression that I needed to check on the baby.  I couldn't imagine why, as he was safely tucked into his crib but I went in to check on him anyway.  Somehow he had grabbed the cord of the mini blind and had wrapped it around his neck and it was choking him.  I don't even want to think of what could have happened to him if I hadn't gone and checked on him.  Of course, I never put a crib anywhere near a window after that.

Another time my teenaged son wanted to go to a Halloween dance several miles away.  I told him I didn't feel good about him going but it was up to him.  (With teenagers, it's best not to make ultimatums unless you really have to).  Well, he went anyway and on the way home he got pulled over by a policeman for speeding and a few other things.  He told me afterwards that he should have listened to me.  An expensive lesson for him but at least he was ok.  Oh, and I refrained from saying, "I told you so."  :)

Even when your kids are grown and married, sometimes that "vibe" (as I call it) hits you hard.  A year or so ago, I felt like I needed to call another son.  It was about 10 pm and I don't usually call anyone after 9 pm but I made the call anyway.  He answered the phone and I asked him if he was all right, that I'd had a vibe that I needed to call him.  He paused and said that he was fine and I hung up the phone, wondering why I had that feeling.  The next day my son called me and thanked me for calling him the night before because he had been about to make a bad decision and my call helped him do the right thing.  He also told me that whenever I have that vibe again, to make sure and act on it. 

Never underestimate the power of a mother's intuition.  Learn how to listen to that still small voice and act on it.  It is a tool we possess to help protect our children.  As the saying goes, "Better safe than sorry."


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