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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Recreational Shopping

Think how much money you'd save if you stopped going shopping when you're bored or feeling down.  How many times have you hopped in the car to go to the mall or your favorite store even if you didn't need anything?  I do it too.  When Kohl's sends me a coupon for 30 percent off, I have to go see what great buys there are so I can save 30 percent.  Isn't that stupid?  I spend money I shouldn't spend on stuff I don't need to "save" 30 percent.  Where is the logic in that?  If I didn't go to Kohl's, I'd save 100 percent!   Or, I go to a thrift store and see all sorts of things that I didn't know I wanted.  If I didn't go to the thrift store, I wouldn't see or miss the items I consider buying.  And it's all because I shop when I don't feel like doing any of the worthwhile, productive things I have to do.

Do you really need it?!
I have been working really hard to put a stop to recreational shopping.  It's hard.  I like to buy things that I think my family might need.  Sounds like I'm trying to justify my shopping, doesn't it?  :)  Sometimes I really do find things at wonderful prices that I DO need.  So, those few times reinforces the desire to continue shopping.  I'm doing better though.  If I don't walk into a tempting store, I don't see anything so I don't buy anything.  Willpower, isn't it great?


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