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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tidy Tuesday - Maintenance

It's time for your dental cleaning!
Every six months I get a little postcard in the mail, reminding me of my scheduled dental cleaning.  Getting my teeth cleaned is not one of my favorite pastimes but deep down I know if I want to keep my teeth I need to take care of them.  Without that postcard, I probably would forget about the cleaning and I certainly would take my time making an appointment in the near future.

That little postcard got me thinking about other things that it would be nice to have scheduled reminders for...things like cleaning the furnace filters, cleaning the gutters, getting an oil change for the car, cleaning behind the refrigerator, taking care of the water heater, and other tasks that aren't done on a regular basis.  

Like getting teeth cleaned, doing regular maintenance on our homes, cars and property will prolong their useful life and avoid costly repairs.  Usually these projects don't take long either.  We just don't think about them unless they start giving us problems.

We don't need a professional repair person to remind us to perform periodic maintenance.  We only need to sit down with our master calendar (you DO have one, don't you?) and write down our own reminders for upcoming projects during the year.  If we treat these projects as important scheduled appointments, we might just follow through.

Your furnace will thank you  :)


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